Biking to Alaska

The Plan

I’ve planned out my route in vague terms at this point, but basically I plan to start in Fort Collins (so I can visit friends who live there, avoid Denver congestion and get a 60 mile headstart) and go north through Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks. Then it’s up to Banff National Park in Canada before heading west along the Yellowhead Highway and north on the Cassiar Highway. Eventually I’ll meet up with the famous Alaska Highway which takes me towards Fairbanks.

I’m hoping to make it to the Arctic Circle north of Fairbanks before turning south. I’ll stop in Denali National Park on my way to Anchorage and eventually I’ll stop in Seward, Alaska. I’m looking forward to visiting the Alaska Sealife Center in Seward. From Seward I plan to take a ferry along the Inside Passage to Bellingham, Washington. If I have the time, I’d like to bike down the Pacific coast and visit friends in Portland and San Francisco before heading back towards Denver. If time runs short, I’ll catch a plane/bus/car back to Colorado before my leave of absence from work runs out.

Google Maps estimates about 6000 miles for the land-based part of this trip. I hope to average about 60 miles/day including rest days and sightseeing. That will just barely get me home in time if I have 14 weeks off from work. My last day of work will be June 15th and my first day back at work is September 24th.