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Epilogue: 19 Years Later

Posted by Alan on September 12th, 2007

Hah hah, of course it hasn’t been 19 years, but some of you will get that reference. So, I’ve been home a couple weeks now and people keep asking me what it’s like to be home. “Is it weird to be back?”, they wonder. Actually, no, it isn’t really weird at all. I mean, Denver is the same as ever and I’ve gotten used to my old familiar life again. Of course, I haven’t started back at work yet. Sitting in a cubicle for eight hours might come as a shock to my system. I guess I’ll find out this Thursday on my first day back. Also, I didn’t drive a car for about a week after I got back. It just seemed like all the cars on the freeway were moving way too fast. I wasn’t in any hurry to jump behind the wheel.

Oh, and now I can happily proclaim that I had ZERO FLAT TIRES on my trip!!! I didn’t want to jinx myself by bragging about that until I was safely home (I’m a little superstitious that way). So how is that possible? Well, I had some very good tires. They are Marathon Plus tires by a company called Schwalbe. If you ever do a trip like this, definitely buy a set. I never even needed that spare tire I ordered back in Montana. I covered just over 3300 miles on my trip on those tires (plus a few hundred miles at home before my trip).

I want to thank everyone for their emails and kind words along the way. It made it easier to keep this journal up to date knowing people would actually be reading it. And now I’m glad I have this record of my journey to remind me of details I might have otherwise forgotten. What’s my next bike trip going to be? Well, maybe I’ll bike around New Zealand or maybe I’ll ride across Asia. Anyone want to come along?

One Response to “Epilogue: 19 Years Later”

  1. Mary Says:

    When are you going to bike your way to San Diego for a visit? =)
    I loved checking in on your trip and I think I participated remotely in your mom’s prayer circle for your safety. It’s sad for you - and for those of us who were living vicariously - that its over.