Biking to Alaska

Day 68: Heading Home, Sort Of

Posted by Alan on August 26th, 2007

63.45 mi

IMG_1202.JPGI already have most of my gear packed up, so it doesn’t take long before I hit the road out of Seward. Ouside of town I turn towards Exit Glacier. I’ve already visited the area around the glacier, but my former co-worker Scott sent me an email saying how cool glacier ice looks close up. So I decide to take this side trip to see if he’s right. Besides, I’ve got three days to ride the 130 miles to Anchorage, so I have time for a short diversion. Unfortunately, the stream flowing away of the glacier doesn’t have any ice chunks in it today and I can’t hike to the foot of the glacier due to a trail closure. I think to myself, “Next time”, which is what I think anytime I miss out on seeing something on this trip. I guess I’ll have to see glacier ice up close on my next trip to Alaska.

My next stop is also just outside of Seward. I stop alongside a creek to watch the salmon which are actively spawning all up and down the length of the stream. It’s cool to watch them swim upstream or splash around while making depressions for their eggs. I wonder what it’s like when the young salmon start swimming downstream towards the ocean. I wonder if they are as easy to spot in the stream as their parents are now.

The weather is really nice and I’m enjoying the great scenery along this highway. There’s a bit of traffic, no doubt people heading home to Anchorage after a weekend in Seward. I pass a couple campgrounds early on, but after my side trip to Exit Glacier I need to cover a few more miles. I finally pull off on a side road looking for a good place to camp. I find a small clearing among the trees and make camp for the night. I’m amazed that the bugs aren’t too bad. Maybe it’s getting late enough in the year that their numbers are dwindling. I don’t have a good place to hide my food away from any nearby bears, so I’m glad I have my “bear resistant” Urack. It’s a small bag made out of kevlar which is supposed to prevent bears from making off with your food. I tie it around a tree a short distance away and settle down to enjoy what will probably be my last night of “wild” camping on this trip.