Biking to Alaska

Day 66: Behind The Sealife

Posted by Alan on August 24th, 2007

IMG_1164.JPGIMG_1138.JPGToday I head back to the Sealife Center and sign up for one of their “Behind the Scenes” tours. I recognize the woman who is leading our tour, she was working at the coffee shop the other night. Small town. The tour isn’t as interesting as I had hoped. I understand that they can’t take us into the area where wild animals are being rehabilitated, but it’s disappointing nonetheless. The most interesting part of the tour is learning how big the facility is beyond what the public sees. Apparently there are numerous large tanks in the back in addition to the public exhibits. It’s nice to know that research is such an important part of the center and that it’s not just about appealing to tourists. After the tour I spend some more time among the exhibits. The seabird exhibit is probably my favorite. You can get up very close to the birds and it’s interesting to watch them as they dive and splash around. The seals are fun to watch as well since they glide through the water so gracefully.

That evening I head back to the coffee shop near the hostel to watch a one woman play about “Alaska Nellie”. It’s more of a history lesson than a play, but it’s not bad for such a small town. While there I run into a couple from Lakewood, Colorado and talk to them a bit about our travels. I’m scheduled to go on a kayaking day trip tomorrow, so I head back to the hostel and get to bed fairly early.