Biking to Alaska

Day 65: Biking Again

Posted by Alan on August 23rd, 2007

I spent several hours this morning updating my travel journal for the past week or so. It takes a bit of time to write down what I’m up to, so I guess I’ve been putting it off for several days. I’m sure you all are just dying to hear about my latest laundromat experience or to find out what today’s breakfast was, right?

In the afternoon I got on my bike for the first time in a few days and rode around town a little. The weather isn’t as drizzly today so I can ride around without getting wet. At one point I come upon the local high school and am impressed with the view from one side of the school. I can only imagine the pain of being stuck in a classroom while looking out across the bay at glaciers and snowy mountains.

My butt gets sore pretty quickly and I only ride about 13 miles. I guess I’m still recovering from putting in too many miles in too short a span of time while biking up here to Alaska. I hope I feel up to riding back to Anchorage, which I’m planning to do in a few days. I finish the day by calling my dad to wish him a happy birthday and I read some more before heading to bed.