Biking to Alaska

Day 64: Alaska Sealife Center!

Posted by Alan on August 22nd, 2007

My first stop today is at the library to use the free internet access. It’s looking like taking my bike on Amtrak trains will be as much trouble as taking it on a plane, so I start looking into cheap flights. I also try to find out the polcies of each airline pertaining to flying with a bike. It looks like US Airways is the most bike friendly airline flying between Anchorage and Denver, so I’ll probably buy a ticket from them even if it’s not the cheapest.

IMG_1062.JPGAfter leaving the library I walk over to the Alaska Sealife Center to finally check that place out. I buy a two-day pass since I’m sure I’ll want to come back again before I leave town. I’m really impressed by the quality of the exhibits they have on display. The have a variety of sealife from local waters. They also discuss how important healthy oceans are to sustaining a strong fishing industry, which is very important to the local economy. About every hour there is a talk or slideshow on different subjects or reserch projects underway at the center. I end up spending several hours there looking around and listening to a few presentations.

IMG_1107.JPGI’m glad to see that they mention climate change on several occasions at the Sealife Center. It’s important to remind people of the increased effect global warming has at these higher latitudes. The water temperature in the Seward area has risen 3 degrees celcius in just the past few decades. There have also been sightings of warm water fish like barracuda in the Juneau area!

After my visit to the Sealife Center, I stop by the library again and buy a plane ticket home. It feels weird to finally put an end date on this trip of mine, but it will be nice to get home and visit with friends and enjoy the Colorado sunshine. Oh, did I mention that it’s cloudy and drizzly again in Seward today? I don’t know how people live without sunshine on a regular basis. I guess Colorado spoils me that way.